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Our Artists

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Abdul Raaouf Shamoun

One of the most renowned Jordanian artists, born in Jordan in 1947. Held many solo exhibitions between 1972 and 1994. Participated in most of the group exhibitions in Jordan. Participated in international exhibitions in United Kingdom, Ukraine, Chine, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Algeria, Iraq, Oman, UAE. Has won artistic awards in the field of art, the National Encouragement Prize of Arts, 1990. The International Sharqua Bienname Prize in 1993.

Amer al-Obaidi

Born Najaf, 1943. Achieved a BA Painting from both IFA and AFA. A fellow member of the Pioneers until 1974; the Innovationists and the July 17th Group. Participated in numerous exhibitions in and out of Iraq including those organised by SIPA in Moscow, Paris, Warsaw, Spain, USA and the UK as well as Cagne-sur-Mer International Festival, France and the Sixth Triennial, New Delhi, India and the Fifth International Biennial, S o Paolo, Brazil. Awarded First Prize, International Exhibition, Ibiza, Spain, 1964. Obaidi was the director of NMWA.



Betool Fekaiki

Born in Baghdad, Iraq; Lives in London, UK. Her paintings convey a fantasy of eternal yearning. She prefers not to depict the swallow directly but rather to live through the life of the migrant bird, thus stirring up feelings and memories. She participated in many solo and joint exhibitions in Europe and the Arab world.



Diana Hajjar Shamounki

Born in Jerusalem and lived most of her life in Amman- Jordan. Lately living between Amman and Maryland (U.S.A.). Showed early interest in drawing and painting, she studied Art with the late Italian Artist Armando and then the Jordanian Pioneer Artist Muhanna Durra. Diana portray the simple honest working class, local people of Jordan, besides her love to the landscapes of Jordan and Jerusalem, capturing the day and night's light of all seasons to the viewer with skilled brush strokes and harmonious color.



Eyad Al-Kara Ghouli

Born in Iraq 1968. Held many solo exhibitions between 1989 and 2002. He participated in many joint exhibitions. Participated in international biennales in U.S.A, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Italy and France. Has won many awards in the field of art.



Farouk Lambaz

Born in Amman, Jordan in 1942. He graduated from Damascus University, Law Department, Syria. He participated in several local and international exhibitions. Lambaz presents the Arabesque style in a modern variation. The space is virtual, and stretches on the surface toward the borders then beyond, to be rebounded by the intellectual force of the gestalt that forces spectator to abide to the logic of structure.

Farouk Hassan

Born in Basrah, Iraq in 1939. He graduated from the Fine Arts Institute from Baghdad 1960, and from the Fine Arts Acadamy from Rome, Italy 1980. Held many solo and joint exhibitions locally and internationally. His art work bestows the ancient city of Hatra's Queens, moons, suns, magical and mystical feel in today's artistic median. His thought process, technical painting experience, and clear foresight of the future has given his artwork originality in the Iraqi artistic community.


Ghassan Abu Laban

Born in 1964 in Jordan, he graduated in Fine Art - Yarmouk University, Jordan. A well known artist, art citric, playwright and poet. Chosen on many occasions and international biennales as a representative of Jordanian artists. Took part in several international art exhibits, in solo and joint exhibitions. Won the 1st prize in Don Quijote's Painting Contest, Cervantes Institute - Jordan. The 2nd Price in Lurca's Centenary Contest, Cervantes Institute - Jordan, and the 1st prize in Youth Arts Painting Contest, Spanish Culture Center - Jordan.

Ghassan Ghaib

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, 1964. BA Fine Arts, IFA and AFA, 1997. Awards: Sixth Al-Wasiti Festival, 1987; National Committee for CIA, 1993 and the Third Prize, Festival of CIA, Baghdad, 1996. Memberships: SIPA; UIA.



Hakeem Jumuaan

Born in Jordan 1965, he studied print-making and architecture at the Royal Dutch Academy, Holland. He also studied art at the Fine Arts Academy, Milan - Italy, with a Bachelors degree in 1995. Since then, he has been actively working and had exhibited his works in Italy, Holland, Spain, Morocco, Iran, Sudan and Jordan. His work has been widely acclaimed by critics and has been awarded several distinguished international prizes.

Hashim Hannoon

Born In Iraq, 1957. A well known expressionist and abstract artist. Bachelor of Sculpture and Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts, Iraq. He has attended many international and Arab biennales, Kuwait, Iraq, Yemen, UAE, Cairo, Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Austria. Had numerous solo and joint exhibitions in many countries. Won several rewards and art certificates. Through his colourful spaces and themes he portrays everything, from contemporary abstractions to traditional, folk and historical.

Hashim Al-Tawil

Professor and chair of Art History Program at Henry Ford College, Michigan. Ph.D. in Art history from the University of Iowa; MA in Art Education from Hartford University, CT, and BFA from the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Baghdad, Iraq. Served on the faculty of the Academy of Fine arts, University of Baghdad, Iraq and currently teaches Art history and Islamic art history at Henry Ford College. member of the Board of Directors of Asian and Islamic Art Forum at the Detroit Institute of Art; Associate Director of "The Pluralism Project” and director of Education, University of Michigan-Dearborn, an affiliate of the parent project at Harvard University since 1999. Active artist shown his work in Iraq, the Arab world, Europe and the United States; Won international prizes and his works are in different museums and collections.
Al-Tawil has been recently awarded a Fulbright senior research grant for 2006-2007 to conduct field study on aspects of Islamic-Arabic culture during the 12th century Norman reign in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.


Khalid K. Thamer

Born in Iraq in 1967. Studied Art in the college of Fine Art – Baghdad University. A well known young graphic and abstract artist. Renowned for his mixed media creativity and use of different themes put together in a sensitive interpretation of urban historic themes. Participated in many solo and joint exhibitions in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE and Italy.



Mohammad Al Ameri

Born in Jordan in 1959. A well known Jordanian poet, graphic artist, thinker and critic. Chosen on many occasions and international biennales as a representative of Jordanian artist. His paintings relate always to a sense of place and poetry. Participated in many solo and joint exhibition in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain Stockholm, Michigan, California, Huston, Beijing, Morocco, Athens, Bangladish and Germany. Has made many publications especially in the in literature field.

Mohammed Al Shammarey

Born in Iraq,1962. He has many solo and collective exhibitions in many countries and participated in numerous biennales. Won many awards for his artistic achievements. He has developed his own abstract style that he applies to unconventional media of his works, including burlap and wood boards that he colors and burning techniques. He creates two- and three-dimensional compositions full of surprises and enigmatic symbols. They waver between paintings, sculptures and installations with a lot of imagination and innovation.

Mohammed Muhriddin

Born Basra, Iraq, 1938. Studied painting in Baghdad 1956-9. Degree in Arts from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Poland, 1966. Granted an Honorary Award, Sixth Asian Art Biennial, Bangladesh, 1993; First Prize, Second International Festival, 1988; Second Prize, Ankara First International Art Biennial, Turkey; Honorary Prize, International Poster Exhibition, Baghdad, 1986.



Nathem Hamed

Born in 1951 in Iraq. B.Sc degree in Fine Arts from the Fine Arts Academy, Baghdad University 1976. Master degree in Drawing from Baghdad University 1981. One of the most distinguished impressionist artist in Iraq and the Arab world. Studied painting under the great artist Faik Hassan. Renowned for his strong interest in the Arab townscapes and preservation of the urban and architectural heritage. Participated in many solo and joint exhibitions in many countries.

Nuri Al-Rawi

Born in Rawa, Iraq, in 1925. Graduated Teachers College, Baghdad, 1941. BA Fine Arts from Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad 1959. Received two scholarships for art studies in Yugoslavia, 1962 and Art Management, Portugal, 1966. Rawi is a member of Al-Rowad Group and participated in many exhibitions with them. He is a well known art critic, contributed numerous critical essays on art to various Arab and foreign journals.



Sina Ata

Born in New York, Sina Ata held his first one man show in 1982 in Baghdad. Since then he has held 8 one-man shows and many joint exhibitions in Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, UK and the USA. One of his paintings was recently purchased by the British Museum. The late art critic Jabra I. Jabra said of his work: “ …..No matter how experimental and unsettled, the works’ disturbing qualities soon present itself, these are works that belong to some dark area in the inner self untouched by the conscious, haunting those who stare at them.”.

Salman Abbas

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, 1945. Studied Fine Arts, AFA, 1964-1968 where he taught and became Painting Department president, 1976-1988. Worked as a professor of Fine Arts, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1968-1974. Memberships: IAA/AIAP (UNESCO); SIPA; UIA; UAA. Prizes: Golden Sail Award, Kuwait, 1983.

Serwan Baran

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, 1968. BA Fine Arts, Babylon College, Iraq, 1990. Awards: First Prize Free Hand for Youth, 1990; First and Second Prizes, CIA, 1994, 1995. Memberships: UIA; IAA/AIAP (UNESCO); SIPA.

Sidiq Ahmad (1915 – 1997)

Born in Mousel-Iraq, 1915. Graduated from the Primary Teachers Institute in 1934. Graduated from the Military Academy in 1939. Member of many Art Associations. Participated in many exhibitions 1956-1964. Honored by an exhibition held by the Ministry of Culture & information in 1982. Held the following personal exhibitions at: Orfali gallery – Baghdad in 1994. Ain gallery in 1995. Saddam Arts Center 1997. Died in December 1997.



Widad al-Orfali

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, 1939. BA Social Services, Beirut Women's College, 1951; Graduate Fine Arts, IFA. Travelled extensively moving between European and Arab countries. Held numerous solo exhibitions in Bon, New York, London, Amman and Baghdad and took part in numerous group exhibition in Baghdad since the late 1950s including those organised by SIPA of which she is a member. Established and managed Al-Orfali Gallery, the first private art gallery in Baghdad, 1980. Artwork in private and public collections world-wide.

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