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Orfali Art Gallery

Nestled in a quiet spot behind the busy commercial Um Utheina area, Orfali Gallery and Art Center is a sanctuary of art and creativity. Established in 1993, it is one of the leading galleries in Amman, providing a friendly and approachable environment in which to enjoy art, with collections that are changed on a regular basis. The gallery specializes in artists from the Arab world, but has also hosted exhibitions from England, Italy and New Zealand.

Started as a family business by art collector Ina'am Orfali, the gallery displays works from all schools of art, exposing visitors to a broad range of paintings, sculptures and other forms of art. Selective in its choice of artists, Orfali brings together masterpieces from many fine Jordanian, Iraqi and other Arab artists. The gallery offers artists, critics, poets and musicians a wonderful opportunity to express themselves freely and exquisitely.

Having started off as Orfali Gallery, it was renovated and expanded in 1997 to include the Orfali Art Center. The Art Center offers customers classes in subjects such as drawing, ceramics, sculpture and graphics for both children and adults. In addition, the center opens a summer camp for children under the age of 12. Form 5 to 7 year-old, there is a Fun to do classes, keeping them entertained with creative activities, while 8 to 12 year old can join the summer Art Camp which offers a broad range of classes. Lessons are taught by Jordanian and Iraqi artists, and students are exposed to an array of beautiful works, which all helps to foster an appreciation for the subject in addition to developing creative skills. Through lectures and studio work, students can learn the essentials of art and cultivate any artistic skills they possess. With the belief that the arts are a gateway to a broader education, and that they have been shown to improve a child overall scholastic achievement, Orfali Art Center strives to nurture this potential and simply provide a medium by which people can indulge in their creativity .

If you love art, if you like art, even if you know nothing about art, a visit to Orfali Gallery and Art Center is sure to be a unique experience. Orfali also makes use of its beautiful garden to host outdoor musical and poetry events, in addition to showing films and documentaries relating to art.