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Everyone has a need for creative expression. Creativity is life in action, without it, there would be nothing new. Discover you creative abilities , start drawing/painting … etc. , all levels are most welcome!
Creative Art Classes will stimulate creative expression, while at the same time further your technical expertise in drawing and painting.
And remember, "everyone can draw or paint".
We offer the following art classes :


Explore line quality, simple forms, shading, and spatial balance while engaging in exercises that help you draw what you see. Discover noticeable improvement in basic skills and refine your compositions.
This class will expose the student to several basic training methods that will develop the ability of the hand to follow what the eye sees when drawing. The class will also include a study of the use of values, shading, negative space, composition and perspective.


Students with all levels of experience are invited to expand their expression and appreciation of painting from life in water-media. Students are encouraged to discover their painterly personality and challenge the boundaries of still life.
Learn basic watercolor techniques in this course for beginners and continuing students who want to "brush up" on the fundamentals. Mixing color and light and shadow theories will enhance student compositions. Formal presentations, practical demonstrations and exercises, painting periods and mini-critique sessions aimed at bolstering esteem.

Oil or Acrylic Painting

Discover the joys of painting using oils and acrylic. Learn how to translate a photographic image and still life using various techniques. Students learn about the medium of oil paint, basic composition, and how to mix colors. Students explore both abstract and representational methods of working. Increase your knowledge of materials and techniques to create work in oil or acrylic media. Develop your ideas from basic painting strategies to final composition, with emphasis on brushwork, material preparation and color mixing and application. 


Translate the subject of your choice in paper-clay, an extremely versatile media that air-dries, yet is hard and durable upon completion. Paper-clay can be layered, sanded, and carved, even when dry.
Different ways of working with clay will be the focus, but students are welcome to use other materials suitable for the studio space with the approval of the teacher. Subject matter can be realistic or abstract, bring any sketches, pictures or objects you wish to work from.


Learn techniques and refine skills in hand-building, wheel-throwing, decorating, and glazing. Learn the techniques that will help you to produce mugs, bowls, vases, and--for more advanced projects--jars, teapots, and bottles. Under the skilled tutelage of your instructor, you will learn wedging, centering, pulling, and shaping.